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About Our Company

Healthcare, IT and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Clysterum is a healthcare developer. Our solutions benefit humanity.

Working for Success

Our mission is to ensure equal and fair access to healthcare services for every individual and enhance their quality of life. At Clysterum, we develop innovative solutions using technology to facilitate people's health monitoring, management, and improvement. With our user-centric approach, we push the boundaries in the healthcare sector and aim to provide a better healthcare experience for everyone. By offering solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and society, we are revolutionizing healthcare and working towards a healthier world at every step.

Our vision is to create a transformative impact in the healthcare sector by using technology to ensure people lead healthy and happy lives. At Clysterum, we strive to provide innovative and user-centric healthcare solutions accessible to everyone, making it easier, faster, and more effective for people to access healthcare services. As pioneers in the digital transformation of healthcare, we are committed to raising awareness about health in society and building a healthier future.

Clysterum Roadmap

Depending on the situation and time, the roadmap may change!


Start Clysterum Project
  • Formation of the team.
  • Starting to build the mobile application.
  • Adding application features.
  • Starting public testing.
  • 2022
    Clysterum APP
  • Play Store & App Store publishing.
  • Promotion of the app.
  • Release of DocGPT, an AI-powered chat board.
  • 2023



    Clysterum cryptocurrency launch
  • CLY Token network determination.
  • Completion of pre-sales.
  • DEX & CEX listing.
  • DocGPT report reading and analysis.
  • 2024
    Designed Blockchain
  • Starting the construction of the blockchain network.
  • Migration of user information to the blockchain network.
  • Development of Virtual Card
  • 2025



  • Developing IoT Devices.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence & IoT devices.
  • Adding payment method to IoT devices with tokens.
  • 2026

    Sponsor and Partners

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