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Clysterum - AI Solutions

Innovative Solutions in Health AI

We combine the power of artificial intelligence with our
blockchain-based solutions to break the boundaries
of traditional healthcare technologies.

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Health AI Chat DocGPT

Find the quickest and most accurate answers to your health questions with DocGpt. Try DocGpt, the artificial intelligence model poised to be your most reliable guide in health matters.

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Mobile App Features

Discover our best and most up-to-date health application to enrich your life. Start using it immediately by downloading it to your iOS and Android devices. Additionally, earn CLY Tokens to achieve financial freedom in healthcare.

  • Emergency Blood
  • Pharmacy on Duty
  • Nearest Pharmacy
  • Nearest Hospital
  • Pill Reminder
  • Walk&Earn CLY Token
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Decentralized CLY Platform

Managing and monitoring your CLY Tokens has never been easier! Our decentralized platform not only provides you with this functionality but also ensures reliability and a user-friendly interface. Take your place in our unique experience, confidently manage your CLY Tokens, and effectively position yourself in this dynamic world. Join us today and make the most out of your CLY Tokens!




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“I would like to thank the customer service support team. They are very successful in terms of interest and relevance, I would definitely recommend them.”

Erocci / user

“This is a very useful and practical application. I have no doubt that it will become even better with upcoming updates. Being able to easily see the on-duty pharmacies provides a great convenience. Thanks, Clysterum.”

Rojhat D. / user

“This is a well-thought-out and beautifully designed application. I really like the fact that the application has its own token,is local, and is continuously being developed. Well done.

Kerem Ç. / user

Next generation health app

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